Yet Another Day


Another day in the life of Ana, but her boyfriend, family and friends don’t know her real reality, even being part of it.

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Director’s Notes

Though it is true for all my works, in this one in particular the title of this short (Yet Another Day) is important, because it alludes indirectly to the everyday threat of violence hanging over those people living with what I define as one of the “hidden epidemics” of our contemporary societies; an illness suffered by 5% of women according to clinical data from 2014. Like any dependency generated by pressure and anxiety, and which can lead to personality disorders, the “enemy” these patients/sufferers have to face is their own surrounding environment and their everyday “self”, which they have to deal with and reshape in order to rebuild their psychology and their circumstances.

On a formal level, I was interested in keeping the camera and the narration very close to the protagonist with the purpose of introducing the spectator as much as possible into this experience which is so disturbing and misunderstood in our society and which, because of that, has become a new taboo. Precisely what interested me about this project, using one of the tools of cinema, was to work with and confront this taboo; to create, as André Breton wanted, a “glass house” in which you could see through all the walls and enter without any kind of barrier into the hidden lives and situations of other people and gain access to new experiences, which would resituate us as spectators/individuals. It is for this reason that I took the decision to capture as directly and straightforwardly as possible, no matter how unsettling or unpleasant it might be, what is involved in a situation like this, portraying it like yet another day, ordinary and ephemeral; a real and possible yet another day


Technical Information

Direction and Script
Nayra Sanz Fuentes
Teresa Soria, Ricardo Reguera,Puchi Lagarde, Sara Martín, Diego Villena, Gala García Cuerva, Vicent Andrés
Direction of Photography
Carlos Vásquez
Executive Production
Víctor Moreno
Production Management
Guillermo Carnero
Running time
Production Company
Rinoceronte Films S. L.


  • Best Main Actress
    National Film Festival AvilaCine, Ávila, 2014
  • International Distribution in the catalogue Canarias en Corto
    Distribution catalogue “Canarias en Corto 2014-2015”
  • Best Short Film
    Independent Latin American Film Awards, Mexico, 2016

Official Selections


  • The Hidden Door Film Festival, Edinburgh, Scotland, 2016
  • Festival International de Cine de Córdoba, Colombia, 2016
  • China Women’s Film Festival of Beijing, China, 2016
  • Censurados Film Festival, Lima, Peru, 2016
  • Festival Internacional de Cine de Oruro FICO, Bolivia, 2015
  • Festival Internacional de Cine de la Universidad Autónoma de Baja California, Mexico, 2015
  • VII Festival de Cine Femenino de Bogotá, 2015
  • 5º Festival Anual Internacional de Arlington, Virginia, United States, 2015
  • Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival, Edinburgh, Scotland, 2015
  • VII Muestra de Cine Iberoamericano de Nigaragua, 2015
  • FICSAM – Festival Internacional de Cine y Salud Mental, 2015
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Special Screenings

  • Spain on Campus, Columbia College Chicago, Chicago, United States, 2020
  • Centro Cultural Español de Buenos Aires (CCEB), Argentina, 2019
  • Taller de vídeo participado, La Vorágine / Cultura Crítica, Santander, 2019
  • Jornadas ALCES (Asociación Internacional de Cine y Literatura y Cine español Siglo XXI), Zaragoza, 2017