David is the perfect husband. He is sensitive and attentive, and always knows what to do and what to say. In fact, he never, ever forgets to celebrate his wedding anniversary. For his wife  Mary, he manages to commemorate their wedding with the absolutely perfect dinner every year. But, this time, David’s carefully prepared ritual is interrupted by an unexpected phone call that exposes the disturbing –and trgic- reality beneath his perfection.

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Director’s Notes

At first we were interested in examining technologies of the image, and how they have opened up a completely new world in interpersonal relationships. New (and not so new) media —from digital video cameras to Internet— allow us to live in a “direct present” in which the time and place where we find ourselves do not matter. However, as we were working on the script we realised that what we were really interested in was to focus on the “dark” side of those very technological media. In other words, instead of using these media to live in a supposedly pleasant and exciting present, as social media like Facebook or the recording of our lives through digital cameras seem to promise us, we wanted to explore how these systems also manage our relationship with the past, with loss and with melancholy.

Starting out from these questions, in the short we tried to reflect on the true value of interpersonal relationships and the time that makes them possible. The main character enhances the value of affects to the extreme, and tries to capture sentiments that can only be produced by proximity with the flesh, skin and time.

Technical Information

Direction, Script and Editing
Nayra and Javier Sanz Fuentes
Maria Deasy and David S. Hall
Direction of Photography
Derrick Fong
Executive Production
J.L. Sanz Garnica
Production Management
Nayra Sanz Fuentes
Juan Ignacio Cabrera
Sound Mix
Marco de Gregori
Running time
Production Company
Rinoceronte Films S. L.


  • National Grand Prize
    6.º Festival Internacional Curtocircuito de Santiago de Compostela, 2009
  • Third Prize in Video
    11.º Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes de Torrelavega, 2009
  • Audience Award
    6.º El Plaza en Corto (Madrid), 2009
  • International Distribution in the catalogue Canarias en Corto
    Distribution catalogue “Canarias en Corto 2009-2010”
  • Best Canarian Film Award
    4.º Festival de cortometrajes de Arona, Tenerife 2010

Official Selections


  • Cine Globe, 2009 (Geneva)
  • Nuevos realizadores, 2009 (Cuba)
  • CINEFIESTA 2010 (Puerto Rico)
  • International Film Festival Molodist 2010, “Long nights of Spanish shorts”, Kyiv (Ukraine)
  • VII Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes de Cusco, 2010 (Peru)
  • International Women Film Festival MisMeBinga, 2011 (Cameroon)
  • 14th International Film Festival “Zoom Blizenia”, 2011 (Poland)
  • 12 International Film Festival “Maremetraggio”, 2011 (Trieste, Italy)
  • 5th International Film Festival Kratkofil Plus 2011, Banjanluka, (Bosnia)


  • X Festival Internacional de Cine de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria 2009
  • En.Piezas, Caja Madrid 2009
  • 11º Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes de Torrelavega, 2009
  • 9º Festivalito de La Palma 2009
  • 6º El Plaza en Corto 2009
  • Festival de cortometrajes al Aire Libre de Benalmádena, 2009
  • Festival de cine solidario de Guadalajara (FESCIGU), 2009
  • Festival FICCAB (Málaga), 2009
  • Festival Internacional Courtocircuito de Santiago de Compostela, 2009
  • MiVico (Pontevedra), 2009
  • La Boca del Lobo (National Selection), 2009
  • Festival Internacional de cortometrajes de Soria, 2009
  • Festival Almería en corto, 2009
  • Festival Aula 18, 2009
  • Certamen de Cine y Vídeo Joven de Irún, 2009
  • VII Muestra internacional de cortos Universidad de la Laguna, 2009
  • Festival Aula 18, 2009
  • 15º Festival Internacional de Cine de Ourense, 2010
  • VIII Certamen de cortometrajes Cinemalaga 2010
  • III Islantilla Cineforum, 2010
  • XIII Festival de Cine “Ciudad de Astorga”, 2010
  • XII Festival de Cine de Arnedo “OCTUBRE CORTO”, La Rioja, 2010
  • 36º Festival Internacional de Badalona 2010
  • Muestra Nacional “La Factoría” – Cine-Club de la UNED de Soria, 2010
  • Curtas Film Fest – Xacobeo 2010
  • 9º Festival de Cortometrajes Playa de las Américas, Arona 2010
  • VI Muestra San Rafael en Corto, Las Palmas 2010
  • V Festival de Nerva “Cobre y Malacate”. Coma 2010. Huelva
  • 20ª Semana Cine Experimental, Madrid, 2010
  • Certamen de cortometrajes y videocreación de La Roda Zinexín 2010, Albacete
  • X Mostra de Curtametraxes do Ateneo Ferrolán, 2010, Galicia
  • XX Muestra de Cine Internacional de Palencia, 2011, Palencia
  • III Festival Cortos Rodinia 2011, Valladolid
  • XVII Trofeu Torretes de Curtmetratges-especial MAR, Calella, 2011
  • XI Festival de Cine de Lanzarote, 2011
  • IX Mostra de Curtmetratges Dr. Mabuse, 2011
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  • XXIII Festival de Cine L’Alfàs de Pi, Alicante, 2011
  • Aniversario “Cinco Años de Catálogo Canarias en Corto”. Muestra de los cortometrajes más premiados, Tenerife, 2011

Special Screenings

  • KAN Wroclaw Film Festival, Cinema for a decade, Canarias in Poland, mayo, 2011 (Poland)
  • Exhibition of the “Trilogy of Solitude” (Anniversary, Encounter, Things in Common, Espacio Canarias, Madrid, 2012
  • Exhibition on Iberia’s international flights (March, April, May, 2013)
  • World Day of Working Women, Asociación Enbabia, Fuerteventura, 2013
  • “La corta noche” program, Canal Extremadura, TV Autonómica de Extremadura, 2013 and 2014
  • Estival Proyección de Cortos, Lanzarote 2014